What Makes us the Top Digital Marketing Agency

  • We are one of only 65 Google Premier Partners out of 4000 Partner Agencies in India
  • Ranked 9th in Best Web Design Companies and Firms in India – TopSEOs, March 2022
  • Ranked in the Top 10 Best Integrated Search (SEO & PPC) Companies in India – TopSEOs, March 2022
  • Ranked 2nd in Best Search Engine Optimization Services in India – Software Suggest, December 2021
  • Rated Best Digital Agency to Work for by CEO Magazine in 2017
  • Customized, Growth-oriented SEO plans for every business
  • Unmatched Portfolio of Clients and Brands from Noida

Our Awards and Accolades

MCube Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign for Educational Institution Digital Enterprise Summit - Award for Digital Excellence in Insurance / Financial Services Drivers of Digital Awards- Best Search Marketing Campaign Google Premier Partner - Techmagnate Top 5 SEO Companies in India By Silicon India Listed in Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies by Mobile App Daily

Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level with Techmagnate

Noida is one of Delhi’s satellite cities which has seen phenomenal growth in the last couple of decades. In fact, in the last few years Noida has become a center for many IT(Information Technology) and ITES (IT Enabled Services) companies including HCL, Infoedge, Samsung, and others. Noida is one of the greenest Indian cities and one of the best realty destinations in India. With so much growth happening so quickly, Noida is indeed the go-to destination for many residents, big corporations, and young startups.

As a result, both young and established companies are trying to look for a credible digital marketing firm in Noida that can help them establish a strong presence online. Techmagnate is a great option for those looking for the perfect digital marketing agency in Noida. That’s because Techmagnate not only has many years of experience in the digital marketing industry but also offers a wide array of digital marketing services in Noida including:

  • SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website through improved organic search engine results. At Techmagnate, we offer the most effective and affordable SEO services in Noida and beyond.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising: Pay-per-click ads is a common model for internet advertising. Our PPC experts design and execute effective campaigns through search ads, display ads, social media ads, remarketing, and Google shopping ads.
  • Website Designing & Development: We create responsive, intuitive websites with a great user experience, based on a personalised and consultative approach . We’ve worked with a number of high-profile clients in Noida and beyond.
  • Online Reputation Management: We manage online perceptions and conversations about your brand on the internet, social media websites, and search engine results pages. Protect your online reputation and draw focus to positive, quality materials that reflect well on you.
  • Content Marketing: Content Marketing is a strategic, long-term approach to improving a brand’s visibility by creating and distributing valuable content to the target audience. We help you research, ideate, and create content for all your marketing collateral.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation: Conversion Rate Optimisation helps remove roadblocks to conversions on your website. It involves thoroughly understanding customer journey and systematically driving them to conversion. We’ll work through improving your sales funnel, design attractive landing pages, eliminate pain points, and enhance sales.
  • App Store Optimisation: Stay ahead of the competition and rank for popular keywords with our ASO services – increase downloads, improve ratings & reviews, and run paid app install campaigns.
  • Application Development: We’re experts at designing and developing top-notch, innovative products for all platforms, backed by user-centric design and relentless QA and testing.

Why Choose Techmagnate – Digital Marketing Company in Noida

Techmagnate is the number one choice for many clients who are looking for a digital marketing agency in Noida. Here’s why:

Project Planning

Every time we begin working on a project for our clients, we start with a time-bound project plan. This is not only a structured framework within which we work but it also helps our clients to hold us accountable and get a better idea of what’s going on. To facilitate more transparency, we use project management tools like Basecamp and Teamwork and give their access to our clients.

Industry expertise

Techmagnate’s team has more than 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Due to this experience, we have developed in-depth expertise in several niches including but not limited to Home and Building, Education & Training, Auto, E-commerce, Healthcare, and Travel.

Complete suite of services

Unlike many other agencies, we offer the complete suite of digital marketing services. This means our customers get the benefit of many different services that complement each other. For instance, the value of our SEO services is greatly enhanced by our other offerings like PPC advertising, Mobile app marketing services, Video SEO, Website Designing, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, and more.

Ethical Approach

We don’t believe in black hat SEO and other unethical online practices that may get some short-term results but are very harmful in the long run. We believe in using effective and high-quality techniques that will give our clients long-lasting results.

Client Speak
“We have a great business relationship with Techmagnate. We had worked with several other marketing companies in the past who didn’t deliver results and I’am happy to say Techmagnate is doing that for us.”
Raj Kumar | Sales Head – Marketing & PR | Croyez Immigration
“We would like to thank the Techmagnate team for their services. We also appreciate your efforts towards providing us better service and we hope we associate again for more work.”
Abhipsa | Marketing Manager & PR | Maventic
“Techmagnate is a professional and reliable company which offers great value at all times. We have been working with them for a long time and had a lot of success together.”
Alan Brian | Partner, Business Development & PR | MKW Surfaces
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Top Rated Digital Marketing Agency with Nationwide Presence

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in India our clientele is spread across the country. You can now avail our top notch digital marketing services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad.

Industry Leader in Delivering Transformational Growth

Techmagnate is the preferred digital partner with a rich client portfolio in BFSI, Education, Fashion, Retail, FMCG, Education, and Healthcare sectors. In the last 15+ years, 1000+ businesses have trusted us to achieve transformational growth.

In 2021-22, Techmagnate helped its clients in the BFSI, iGaming, Education, and Healthcare sectors achieve an average increase of 103% in organic traffic and 186% in leads. You can download our digital report card to learn more about how we have helped our clients grow.

Let’s Connect!

Our digital marketing services also come in convenient, ready-to-buy packages with clearly identified deliverables. Check out our SEO Package, PPC Packages or call us at +91-9910308266 to discuss a customized plan to meet your precise business needs.


  • What are digital marketing services?

    Digital marketing leverages digital tactics and channels to connect with existing and potential customers. It helps businesses grow, garnering sales, leads, and revenue. Digital channels include owned media {such as websites}, earned media {such as user-generated content}, and paid media {such as search engine marketing} Compared to traditional marketing, with digital marketing we can reach a targeted audience and measure the success of our efforts.

    Digital marketing services are carried out by passionate marketers and certified professionals who are adept at all the different kinds of digital marketing. A strong digital presence drives awareness and engagement, new customers, and repeat purchases. Digital marketing services should be ROI-driven, by choosing the marketing mix and strategies most suited to your needs and objectives.
  • How do you provide digital marketing services in Noida?

    As Noida’s leading digital marketing agency – we have the expertise to create amazing customer experiences and craft successful campaigns that deliver on business objectives.

    In order to create, provide and maintain digital marketing services, we must start with an effective plan and strategy. We begin by understanding your business and its objectives thoroughly – are you looking for increased traffic? More revenue? Improved profitability? Our experts spend time on understanding your target audience, their priorities, and their challenges. With a decade of experience as specialists, coupled with exposure to cross-industry knowledge – we choose the marketing mix and overall strategy best suited to your needs and objectives. We maximize marketing dollars by being great at what we do – leveraging different tools and channels to improve campaign performance and defining strategies that deliver excellent results.
  • What are the different types of digital marketing?

    Digital Marketing can be of many types, such as push vs pull marketing or performance vs brand marketing. We leverage different types of marketing based on objectives.

    Inbound marketing or “pull” marketing involves creating collateral that your audience will find valuable and wish to read. It is a long-term strategy of creating value and includes creating blogs, videos, and email newsletters.

    Outbound marketing or “push” marketing is targeted, one-way communication designed to push a product on to the audience. This includes traditional forms of marketing as well as display advertising.

    Performance marketing is a type of digital marketing that can be directly related to increasing sales and acquiring leads such as search engine marketing and social media advertising.

    Brand Marketing, on the other hand, is used to build awareness, customers, and long-term connections for the brand without a strong focus on selling. Ideally, a mix of different types of digital marketing channels should be used to reach your audience across different stages in the marketing funnel. Digital marketing can be inbound or outbound, performance or branding. The most commonly used channels are:

    Search Engine Optimisation: Optimising your content in order to increase ranking and visibility in the SERPs

    Search Engine Marketing: Paid advertising on search engines with keywords and display ads

    Social Media Marketing: Organic and paid content distribution and brand building on popular social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Content Marketing: Readable and shareable content production that will be valuable to your target audience.

    Email Marketing: Engagement with prospective customers, existing customers and advocates, right in their inbox!

    Affiliate Marketing: Commission-based marketing through partners and networks.
  • What is included in digital marketing?

    Digital marketing is a dynamic field – marketers need to be flexible, creative, and extremely adept at digital technical skills. Navigating digital marketing entails planning, setting objectives, creating, implementing, measuring and revising.

    Successful digital marketing begins with a strong understanding of the organisation, it’s products and USP, and its objectives. A digital marketer understands the target audience and how to find them online. Based on all this vital information, a digital marketing strategy can be created – leveraging the right channels to target and communicate with the aforementioned target market. A marketer and his team will need strong communication skills, a unique brand identity, and design expertise to implement this strategy. Analytical skills and tools are a must to measure and monitor the success of campaigns and the overall strategy, which is critical for revision and optimisation.
  • What is a digital marketing company/agency?

    A digital marketing agency is different from a traditional marketing agency. It drives results-based marketing strategy, focusing on delivering ROI and helping a brand fulfill its objectives using digital skills and technology.
  • Which is the best digital marketing company in Noida?

    A great digital marketing company acts as a long-term partner in your success. They’re flexible, adaptable, and approachable. They don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach – they spend time on building a plan that works for your business.

    We’re Techmagnate and we’re the best partners for your business. We’re Noida’s top digital marketing and SEO services company.

    At Techmagnate, we have years of experience navigating the fast-evolving digital landscape and delivering quality digital marketing services. Our clients are global, across a diverse array of industries and we leverage our learning to be the best at what we do. We’re dedicated to driving sustainable revenue growth for your business – we’re always focused on ROI. We go above and beyond to deliver transformational growth through #DigitalExcellence. We offer full-suite internet marketing services. Our digital marketing services also come in convenient, ready-to-buy packages with clearly identified deliverables. Call us at +91-9910308266 to discuss a customized plan to meet your precise business needs.
  • How Can I do best Digital Marketing ?

    Digital marketing is a dynamic field – it will keep you on your toes! Learn from the experts – there are a number of resources available online such as blogs, videos, and courses if you wish to learn digital marketing. We offer a great selection of tips, tricks, and guidelines on our blog.

    Practise until you become really good – create mock campaigns and learn the ins and outs of digital marketing channels. How do you drive ROI? What should be your budget? Which channel is best for which objective? All these questions can be answered through real life experimentation.

    Need some help ? Call us at +91-9910308266 and we’ll help you with a customised plan to get started.
  • What services do digital marketing agencies offer?

    Digital marketing agencies can be niche or full-service. They may look at a particular kind of digital marketing such as SEO or Social Media Marketing only or offer the full-suite of services.

    A full service digital marketing agency is one that can handle all aspects of digital promotion and online presence. This includes conceptualization and strategy to final-stage execution. It comprises teams of specialists – strategists, brand managers, account specialists, writers, designers and developers. A full-service agency creates a holistic strategy based on an organisation’s objectives and aims to achieve them through a healthy marketing mix. All departments of the agency work to achieve these objectives, and will have KPIs to track their performance.

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